Oral B Giveaway ★ Winner

June 9, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey


And the winner is ….

Rebecca S!


You’ve won a pack of Oral B toothbrushes! You should’ve received an email from me so make sure you reply with your details and I’ll get the pack sent to you ASAP!

Thank you to everyone that entered the Oral B giveaway! There was some really great tips for creating a good toothbrushing routine. So many that I thought I’d share a few here.

The winner’s tip:

I sit my toddler on the vanity bench and I mirror image her so she can see how I move the toothbrush in my mouth. I tell her “back and forth, up and down, froth it up and now spit it out!’

Rebecca S

Some other great entries:

we taught our son by doing our teeth together. He loves to do as daddy does :)

Beck J

Use an egg timer and brush till it’s finished

Sarah A

We have a poster in the bathroom that has pictures on it to show them the correct way to brush

Michelle V

we play a counting game, count to 10 and then back again, once for the top, once for the bottom, 2 times a day, so far it works a treat!

Narelle R

We call it getting the yuckies out to keep it shiny!

Yvette B

Lead by example, children naturally mimick everything we do so lets use that to our advantage when it comes to setting the standard for the regular teeth cleaning!

Michelle R

Make brushing less scary by letting your kids investigate the brush themselves – feeling it with fingers and mouth! Then show them how to brush back and forth.

Alyce L

We brush their teeth until they are 8 as recommended by the dentist- but towards the end of that time we talk about what we are doing to teach them the different areas to clean and the action required. Then a couple of quick lessons is normally all that is required.

Jessie H

I bought a fancy toothbrush with its own cap and sticky “feet” and found a toothpaste he liked. Fun!


Get a yammy organic toothpaste that they would love!

Sasha T

Brushing teeth is a hard one. I try and pretend that a miracle happens later in the day, only if they brush their teeth! Doesn’t work every time though. :-(


Having twins we made it an fun game brush your teeth  with singing  and a timer. We also pretend brush teddies teeth

Trish T

We are using a rewards chart. Lots of encouragement, too!

Mila K

Thank you all! Some really great tips and I’m sure they’ll come in really handy.

Plus, don’t forget you can still download my Toddler Chore Chart! Lily is loving getting her stars and it’s working really well. I’d love to hear if you are using it with your toddler and how it’s going!

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