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What is The Flying Drunken Monkey about

I’m sure you’ve stumbled over here because of the catchy name and are wondering what the Flying Drunken Monkey is all about.

Well, it’s got nothing to do with drunken monkeys really but there is a little connection to “flying”.

I orginally started the blog as I started following Fly Lady’s Baby Steps. My daughter, Lily, was just over a year old, I was a stay at home mum, struggling to maintain a clean house and in desperate need of a project to keep my mind busy.

I chronicled my progress through the Baby Steps as I went then continued as I set about creating my own routine.

I set myself Decluttering Zones each month and worked to declutter those.

During the Baby Steps I created a Weekly Planner/ Meal Planner and made it available to download. I created Daily To-Do Lists after that as well.

After our first camping trip with Lily I created a Camping Packing List and updated it after our next trips, including with 9 month old Chloe.

When Lily got to an age where she was interested in helping around the house I created a Toddler Chore Chart for her.

In the three years since I started the blog has changed a fair bit. I still share my plans for cleaning each week and I also share my Meal Plans. I share reviews and giveaways as they are offered to me and I also share the occasional recipe.

Recently, after the birth of our second daughter Chloe and my diagnosis of an anxiety disorder I found that I was very behind with my housework and struggling to get back on track. I wanted to do Fly Lady’s Baby Steps again but they didn’t seem very relevant to me anymore. So I created my own little challenge. Over 20 days I, and some of my followers completed my Cleaning Routine in 20 Days Challenge. It spurred me on and got me back in to a routine. Plus it was fun!

My blog is ever evolving but you’ll find mostly find the same things here – meal plans, cleaning zones, printables, recipes, reviews, giveaways, and always a great deal of honesty.

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