Step 22 – Where is Your Control Journal?

April 11, 2011 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Today’s step involves another look at our Control Journal, AKA My Flying Journal. I will admit that I have been neglecting my Flying Journal a bit; I don’t use it for my daily routines as they are on my phone and there hasn’t been any BabySteps for the journal. I had a look at the BabySteps that FlyLady has set up for just the journal and decided to set up the Weekly Plan. I have seen this on one of the other FlyBaby’s sites and thought it was a great idea; although I have all of the routines and zones on my HomeRoutines app on my phone plus the missions on my calendar which I can also access on my phone, but it would be great to see the whole week in one go.

I started by writing out each day and what we have on those days. At the moment, it’s not much – I’m going to try organising a few more things for Lily and I to do during the week. I then added in zone work and Kelly’s Missions on each day. I decided to then go on the computer and organise it so I could simply edit and print it each week. I have a section for the activities, zone work, Kelly’s Missions and then a column for what we will have for dinner each night. If you like, you can download the template if you would like to use it too;

Click here to download the template


Mum and Dad stayed at our place last night and so they looked after Lily after she woke up at 7.30am. However, I didn’t get much more sleep – I was up around 9am. Mum had washed the dishes and then I put a load of towels on to wash. We managed to get the towels hung out and then another load of clothes on before we left for Lily’s swimming lesson. My Dad ended up taking her in while my Mum and I watched. Lily had a great time and is getting even more confident in the water, even with going under the water. Afterwards, we went to the pool cafe for a bit of lunch, then Mum & Dad headed home. Lily and I came home and Lily went straight down for a nap. I put away the clean washing, hung out the load of washing and put a load with the towels etc from swimming. I then decided to do Kelly’s Mission for today which was to clean the bottom of the toilet. (The link doesn’t seem to be working at the moment, it’s showing last Monday’s mission.) It was surprisingly clean so only took me a few seconds to clean.

I then remembered that I noticed recently that our quilt cover smelt a bit musty and decided to change and wash the quilt cover and sheets. I grabbed some clean ones from the laundry and headed to the bedroom, trying to be quiet as Lily was still asleep in her cot. I changed the pillow cases and then took the sheet off. I realised that I don’t think we have ever flipped the mattress so decided to flip it. Let me tell you, this is not easy to do when you’re by yourself and when you’re trying not to make any noise! Luckily, I managed to do it, and didn’t even break a lamp! I breathed a sigh of relief and put on the mattress protector. We had washed this last time we changed the sheets and have been meaning to put it back on. I then took the quilt cover off and put the clean one on. I’m rather proud of myself for this – I always find this part really hard.

I then hung out the washing and put the sheets on to wash. I grabbed a drink and my Flying Journal and sat down at the kitchen table to do the above. After I moved to the computer and had managed to get a bit done I heard Lily wake up. She didn’t sound upset so I decided to leave her and see how she went. It was about 10 minutes later that I went to get her as she was getting pretty whingy. I grabbed some frozen grapes and she sat on my lap and ate those while I finished on the computer. I then hung out the sheets and Lily and I decided to relax a little. I went through a few of my ReadItLater articles but really need to read more. I need to set aside a day each week just to read them!!

Before cooking dinner tonight I put the washing machine on to do a Tub Clean and then Tub Dry – I’m hoping to do this each time we’re in the laundry zone to get rid of any smells that build up from washing the nappies. I cooked dinner and then Mr Monkey did the dishes and wiped down the table while I gave Lily a bath. I got Lily to sleep and she’s now in her cot while I write this and Mr Monkey is watching Good News Week. Nice. :)

Don’t know how much I’ll get done tomorrow – It’s Mr Monkey’s birthday and we will be going to dinner with his brother, who couldn’t make it last night. I don’t have a present to give him on the day (it’s on order) so will have to make sure we do something special during the day.

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  2. […] for free download on here almost as long as I’ve had the blog. I first put it together in April, 2011 as part of the Fly Lady Baby Steps and it has changed a lot since then. It has evolved and been […]

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