May Decluttering Zone ★ Kitchen

May 2, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey


I had originally planned to work on the Master Bedroom this month but decided to make the kitchen this month’s Decluttering Zone after seeing last week how much needs to be done.

This was my original list from earlier in the year:

♥ De-clutter top of fridge
♥ De-clutter microwave cupboard
♥ De-clutter end of bench
♥ De-clutter under sink
♥ De-clutter pots and pans cupboard
♥ De-clutter top of microwave cupboard
♥ Clean oven
♥ Buy basket to hang dishwashing utensils above the sink
♥ Buy brackets to hang mop and brooms
♥ Set up herb pots

Not a lot to change – I decluttered the top of the up of the fridge last week (although it could probably do with some more), the end of the bench has been slightly decluttered when we rearranged a few things and I’m not sure if Mr Monkey will be agreeable to buying the brackets and basket at the moment. We have already set up the herb pots with mint, parsley, coriander and thyme. Unfortunately, the coriander and thyme have died and need to be replaced.

So, a lot of decluttering in this zone but I’m hoping it will make a big difference.

What are you working on this month?

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  1. Jen R says:

    Great herb pots…I have some just outside the back door, nothing nicer than throwing fresh herbs into the meals. Im working on the wardrobes at the moment with the change of season clothes ans sending outgrown items to the oppie :)
    Jen R recently posted…Simply beautiful……Wordless Wednesday……My Profile

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