This Week’s Cleaning Zone ★ Computer Room

May 7, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

2012-05-02 15.54.15

Nothing to do with this week’s cleaning zone but Mr Monkey surprised me last week with a brand new MacBook! I knew we were going to eventually get a new one after ours was damaged but thought it had been pushed months back in the budget. It’s so pretty!

I got almost all of my zone work done last week. I spent one afternoon in the laundry and bathroom and only didn’t get the floor washed. I even pulled the washing machine out and cleaned behind it!!

I’m hoping to get the whole zone done this week. Need to do the vacuuming first thing as it didn’t get done last week. The top of the drawers and bookshelves are fairly clear, just some general stuff to put away. I love that this area is so much better now that I’ve decluttered the cupboard, decluttered the top of the drawers and sorted through Lily’s clothes. I try to keep the computer desk fairly tidy as well so there is only general tidying and vacuuming to do.

Considering this used to be one of the worst rooms of the house I’m really happy with how it is!

So, here’s the plan for this week’s cleaning zone:

♥ Dust
♥ Tidy computer desk
♥ Tidy off top of drawers
♥ Tidy off top of bookshelves
♥ Vacuum

So there you have it, my plan for the week. I’ll let you know how I go at the end of the month.

What do you have planned for this week?

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