This Week’s Cleaning Zone ★ Downstairs

May 14, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

2012-05-09 17.12.56

I promise she insisted on washing the dishes. She wouldn’t even finish her dinner because she wanted to wash the dishes. Ok, so I may be milking it a bit. But only a little bit…

Don’t you hate it when you keep putting off a task and then realise that you’ve been putting it off for 2 weeks? I got most of last week’s cleaning zone tasks done except for the floors. Then I realised that they weren’t done last week. Damn it. I actually got up off the couch at 11pm on Friday night and vacuumed downstairs because I couldn’t bare the thought of the floors not being done at all last week.

So my first task this week is to mop the kitchen and vacuum the computer room and bedroom. Then I can move on to the below and also working on the decluttering zone for this month – the kitchen.

So here’s the plan:

♥ Dust
♥ Vacuum
♥ Clean couch
♥ Tidy top of TV cabinet
♥ Rotate Toys
♥ Filing
♥ Tidy shoes
♥ Clean window

So there you have it, my plan for the week. I’ll let you know how I go at the end of the month.

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