This Week’s Cleaning Zone ★ Kitchen

October 8, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Cleaning Zone - The Kitchen - The Flying Drunken Monkey

Hate to admit but didn’t really get any cleaning done last week. And the Dining Room is such an easy zone too! I just seem to have lost all of my motivation since the move. I need to find it soon or else I don’t think I’m ever going to get it back.

However, Mr Monkey and I did clean out the fridge yesterday afternoon and he made a stock using all of the withered and soft vegetables. I also finally washed all of the dishes that were piling up and wiped down all of the benches. Not perfect but so much better.

We’ve managed to keep the kitchen fairly clean but we still aren’t keeping on top of the dishes and everything probably needs a good wipe down. The floor also needs a good sweep and mop but it’s a bit hard because the tiles are in really bad condition – some have not been laid properly and are uneven or simply sitting in place. The landlord said she’d get it fixed but we haven’t heard anything since then. The worst part is in the doorway to the bathroom and there is a piece of board sitting on top of the tiles so that we don’t damage the tiles further. Not ideal, at all.

The bench has become a bit of a dumping ground and I need to clear it off and really keep on top of it from now on. I do need to go through all of the cupboards and do a bit of rearranging now that we’ve been using the kitchen for a little while and know what is and isn’t working properly.

The plan for this week’s cleaning zone;

♥ Clean big appliances (outside of fridge etc)
♥ Clean cupboard doors
♥ Clean microwave
♥ Clean out fridge
♥ Clean small appliances
♥ Mop floor
♥ Scrub stove top
♥ Sweep floor
♥ Scrub benches

What are your plans for this week? And what do you do when your motivation disappears?

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  1. Lollerskater says:

    I’ve hardly done any cleaning for such a long time now. I struggle to keep on top of the dirty washing, even. Last week I was sick and over the weekend DJ was, so nothing has been done and I’m exhausted, and exhausted at the thought of having to get back into it all!

    Your kitchen floor sounds downright dangerous, especially with Lily around. The real estate agent shouldn’t really procrastinate about it! You should check out the RTA website (I don’t think it’s RTA in NSW… can’t remember the organisation’s name though) and see if you can pull any official weight with a Notice to Remedy form or something like that.

    • Cassie says:

      Oh it’s so hard when you’re sick or DJ’s sick, hey? And then trying to get back in to it all is even harder.
      There isn’t really anywhere that Lily can trip over or anything. It’s more just an inconvenience, especially when it comes to keeping it clean. I’ve emailed the real estate again about that and a few other things so hoping to hear back soon.
      Cassie recently posted…This Week’s Cleaning Zone ★ KitchenMy Profile

  2. jean says:

    If you need a hand just call the inlaws if they are available they are always willing to help.

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