This Week’s Cleaning Zone ★ The Bedrooms

October 23, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

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In our new house the only rooms upstairs are the two bedrooms. There’s a steep set of stairs in the dining room that lead up to a small landing; master bedroom straight ahead, second bedroom to the right.

The master bedroom is quite large (around the same size as our old room but more square so slightly more usable) with doors leading to a small balcony. We haven’t used the balcony, and to be honest, I’m a little too scared to; it’s an old house and while I’m sure it’s safe I’m just too much of a scardey cat!

There’s plenty of room to fit our big Ikea wardrobe, bed and bedside tables with room on each side. There is quite a lot of room at the end of the bed which will probably be taken up with a bassinet then cot again once this baby is born. But at least it will be a little less cramped than when Lily was a baby.

The second room is Lily’s room – she has her chest of drawers, her bed and all of her toys. There is also the spare single bed for when we have family stay over. With both beds in there it’s a little cramped but Lily should be able to move in to the single bed when the baby is born (and takes over the cot) and that will clear up a little bit of room.

We were a little worried about Lily sleeping in her bed at night because at the old house she was in our room and could simply hop out of bed and walk to ours if she woke up. There is a clear route from her bed to ours in the new house but we were worried about her walking on the landing as she tends to stumble a little as she is not normally awake. However, we have left the light on on the landing when she has been in her bed and we haven’t had any problems. Actually, most nights if she wakes she calls out for Mr Monkey who goes and picks her up. Not sure how she worked out he would do that because I normally just wait for her to walk in to us!

So, she has spent quite a few nights in her bed, sleeping through (after we transfer her there after she falls asleep downstairs) and has even stayed in her room and played with her toys when she wakes up a few mornings. So much better!

In terms of cleaning it’s probably one of the easiest zones. I have been trying to keep the rooms as tidy as possible although Mr Monkey let Lily run riot with her toys the other day and she hasn’t picked them all up yet.

The plan for this week’s cleaning zone;

♥ Clean balcony doors
♥ Clean mirror
♥ Clean wardrobe doors
♥ Clean window
♥ Clear bedside tables
♥ Dust
♥ Fold clothes
♥ Rotate Toys
♥ Tidy nappies
♥ Tidy under beds
♥ Vacuum

What do you have planned for cleaning this week?

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