This Week’s Cleaning Zone ★ The Computer Room

August 20, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey


It was my niece, Olivia’s birthday party yesterday and we had a rainbow themed party in the Botanic Gardens. The weather was beautiful and the girls had a really great time. Plus, they looked gorgeous in the rainbow dresses my Mum made for them.

Last week was a bit better in terms of cleaning. Although we were away from home for the second half of the week I managed to get a bit done on Monday and Tuesday – mopping the kitchen, washing the mountain of dishes, vacuuming upstairs and doing a few loads of washing. I also did a general tidy throughout the house and even though there was still a lot I could have done (including all of the zone work in the bedroom), I felt the house was cleaner overall.

This week will be even better. I need to vacuum downstairs today or tomorrow, do the zone work I didn’t get done last week and complete this week’s zone work in the Computer Room. It’s gotten fairly messy lately, just with things being dumped on top of the bookshelves instead of being put away.

I’m also starting a new Decluttering Zone this week for August (only a few weeks late) so will hopefully get some work done in there.

The plan for this week’s cleaning zone;

♥ Dust
♥ Tidy computer desk
♥ Tidy off top of drawers
♥ Tidy off top of bookshelves
♥ Vacuum

What are your cleaning plans for this week?

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  1. Amy says:

    Preparing for an inspection this week which is awesome. Love having a big clean. We’re thinking of having champers to celebrate!!! :D Scrubbed the place head to toe yesterday!

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