This Week’s Cleaning Zone ★ The Kitchen

December 31, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Cleaning Zone - The Kitchen - The Flying Drunken Monkey

I’m back! It was great to have some time off over Christmas but I feel like I’m ready to get back in to the swing of things.

We’re only really home for one or two days this week but I haven’t done a cleaning plan or meal plan for a few weeks now and I’m starting to feel very disorganised. I’m noticed doing a meal plan this week but it feels good to at least plan some cleaning.

Lily and I are heading down to my parents’ house today for NYE as Mr Monkey is working. We head home on Wednesday, spend a day at home with Mr Monkey on Thursday and then Lily has her first days at “school” on Friday. She is starting one day a week at childcare, mostly just to get her used to socialising with other kids. She is very excited, although she says she doesn’t want to have a nap with the other kids (we spent a few hours there before Christmas and naptime was the only thing she didn’t like.

After I picked Lily up from school we’ll drive down to pick Mr Monkey up from work and then continue down to my parents’ house (yes two trips in one week!). Saturday we’re going to we the Hobbit with my siblings and then we have a family party on Sunday before heading home. Busy week!

My cleaning has been a bit hit and miss over the last few weeks. I’ve had a few motivated days when I’ve managed to have the house basically clean and tidy and other days when it’s just been a complete mess. I need to started making some changes.

The plan for this week’s cleaning zone;

♥ Clean big appliances (outside of fridge etc)
♥ Clean cupboard doors
♥ Clean microwave
♥ Clean out fridge
♥ Clean small appliances
♥ Mop floor
♥ Scrub stove top
♥ Sweep floor
♥ Scrub benches

P.S I wrote this on our new Andoid tablet that my siblings gave us for Christmas. Its really, really cool but I’m having a few problems with the spellchecker so I apologise for any typos.

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This Week's Cleaning Zone ★ The Kitchen


  1. Happy New Year Cassie and Co.

    ps spelling looks fine to me, well nothing stood out anyways

  2. Excellent!! I usually make a deal with myself that I will clean on out cupboard every day over the holidays. By the end of January I’ve usually sorted most of them out – which makes me feel a little more organised :)
    Caz (The Truth About Mummy) recently posted…What one word sums up 2012 for you?My Profile

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