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November 21, 2011 by flyingdrunkenmonkey


I’m both proud and disappointed with how much I got done in the kitchen last week. Proud because I managed to get the pantry cleaned and sorted out, and threw a lot of things out. I also created an inventory list, which is on the door, so I have more of an idea of what I have in the pantry. Plus it’s easier to actually *see* what we’ve got now as it’s more cleared out.

I also cleaned out the bottom of the fridge which was looking pretty damn gross, and managed to do some other generally tiding up and wiped all of the cupboard fronts.

But I’m also disappointed because for the majority of the week the kitchen was a mess. Even though I was doing all of these things it was still pretty gross; the floor needed sweeping and mopping almost all week and by the end of the week Lily was getting annoyed because she kept getting fluff and cat hair attached to her feet, the bins weren’t emptied and were overflowing, and I kept leaving the dishes to pile up and up.

It’s Saturday now that I’m recording this as I wash the dishes and I will transcribe it later. I’ve got the big pile of dishes to wash, I need to empty the bins, sweep and mop the floor, scrub the oven top… **

I’ve been in a bit rut lately. I just can’t seem to get excited about anything or inspired by anything like I normally would. I’m still trying to find that “one thing” that’s going to make me get off my butt and actually do something.

I’m also feeling a little overwhelmed. While I was sick I got behind in the housework and the house has been looking pretty bad. Instead of getting in there and doing it I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and haven’t actually got anything done.

I’m also a little overwhelmed with blogging. I decided I wanted to take this blog further; get in touch with brands, make some money from it, go to some blogging conferences – really make this more than just a little hobby. It took me over 2 weeks a Media Kit together, which really shouldn’t have been that hard. I probably would’ve got it done in a day or two, but for reason I just couldn’t do it. Just looking at my stats was a little discouraging. I love all the people that come to my blog and the communication and community but I look at the bigger blogs and wish I could be them, or just feel like mine isn’t big enough to be noticed.

But anyway, it’s all a little overwhelming but I’m taking small steps to make it something bigger; I’m heading to a workshop on Wednesday 30th, run by Naked Communications. It’s about approaching brands to work with your blog and Mrs Woog from Woogsworld and Eden from Edenland are both going to be talking. I’m really looking forward to meeting both of them; I haven’t met them before, although I think they may have been at Kerri Sackville’s book launch but because of my stupid shyness I didn’t go up to say hello.

I also particpated in an online seminar run by Anthill Online and featuring Darren Rowse from ProBlogger. It was “Blogging for Businesses” so wasn’t really what my blog is about but it was helpful and I got some good tips on getting my blog out there.

I’ve sent a couple of emails off with my media kit but haven’t heard back yet. I’d like to send some more off but will probably what until after the workshop, just so I know I’m not wasting my time.

So, that’s where I am with everything at the moment.

As for this week, we’re in the Bathroom and Laundry Zone. The bathroom is not too bad, but then again it doesn’t really get that bad. Everything needs a good clean, but it’s not really dirty. It’s mostly just fluff, and with having the cat food and litter in there it gets spread around so I need to clean that up. Don’t really need to de-clutter much, except for the drawers. I’ll see how I go and I might give that a go.

Mostly I’ll just concentrate on getting my weekly tasks done this week, as they seem to have been neglected lately. I’m barely getting the zone work done, I haven’t even been looking at the weekly tasks.

So here’s what I plan to do in the zone;


  • ~ Clean floor
  • ~ Clear HotSpots
  • ~ Check supplies
  • ~ Clean faucets
  • ~ Scrub sink
  • ~ Disinfect bin
  • ~ Clean bath/shower
  • ~ Wash bath toys
  • ~ Clean mould

  • Laundry:

  • ~ Clean floor
  • ~ Clean outside of washing machine
  • ~ Look behind washing machine
  • ~ Do tub clean

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