This Week’s Cleaning Zone ★ The Bathroom

July 16, 2014 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

This Weeks Cleaning Zone - The Bathroom - The Flying Drunken Monkey

About halfway through last week I wasn’t sure how good this post was going to be – I really hadn’t done anything.

My anxiety has been “playing up” again lately and after having an excellent week where I achieved things and did what I wanted to, all of a sudden it was a challenge to get off the couch.

My Dad came to visit on Wednesday, bringing with him some thick bags that my Mum had bought to store the girls clothes in (that had been in garbage bags next to the computer table). I was supposed to be using the time while he was there to go for a run but I made up excuses and never went. But I did use the time after he left that afternoon to move the garbage bags of clothes into the new bags and take them out to the shed to be stored.

Now all that is left next to the computer table is the piles of paperwork that Mr Monkey needs to sort through.

On Thursday Lily was at school and I knew I should be using my time to clean. But… I didn’t. And the same on Friday. Well, I kept on top of the dishes and perhaps did a bit of a general tidy but mostly… I did nothing. I didn’t even do blog things (as evident by the fact that this post is so late this week!)

Then on Saturday my sister came and picked Lily up to take her to a party. I knew I should use the chance of having only one daughter to clean properly but all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch. But while I was waiting for our lunch to cook in the microwave I turned around and looked at the fridge and realised I could probably quickly wipe down the outside before lunch was finished. It took me a little longer than that but I was happy to have it done.

After lunch I got back up and decided to wipe down the outside of the oven as well. I took the racks off the stove top and soaked them a little in the sink and then gave the whole oven a good wipe down. It wasn’t perfect but it was much better than it was (which seems to be my motto at the moment). I finished the dishes then wiped the bench down, moving the toaster and kettle etc and wiping over them and then underneath them.

By that stage I was too tired again but was happy that I was able to cross off a few of my tasks.

On Sunday it was Mr Monkey’s day off and my sister was bringing Lily home (the party was a sleepover). I knew I needed to take advantage of Mr Monkey being home to actually get stuff done, although I felt bad as it was his day off. But he helped me by washing most of the dishes while I hung out and brought in the washing. I then came in and decided to clear off the end of the bench that has become a dumping ground. I had gotten a box of spices from McCormick and the box had sat in the corner of the bench. It was good for having access to the spices but it just added to the messiness of the bench. So I decided to sort all of our herbs and spices and put them all in the cupboard. I came across a few double ups but when I went to put them back in the container I found I had too many. So I decided to sort them all into the box. However, I then discovered that we weren’t going to have room on the shelf in the pantry. So I started clearing off that shelf. The bench became even messier but in the end I got the shelf cleared off, the spices organised and then the bench cleared off as well. It makes a big difference to the kitchen.

So while I didn’t get all of my tasks ticked off in the kitchen this week I did achieve more than I thought I would, and more than I have in that zone lately.

I’ve been at my parents’ house the last few days and I asked Mr Monkey to try and mop the kitchen if he had a chance but not sure if he has. I’m yet to find a good time to do that – I don’t want to do it when either girl is awake and I’m normally too tired by the time they’ve gone to bed and I’ve finished cleaning the kitchen. So, I just need to suck it up and get it done!


This week is the bathroom. The bathroom tends to stay fairly tidy but it does need a really good clean. Specifically the shower and the door (to outside, that we don’t use) that is next to the shower. They both have a bit of mould on them that needs to be attacked. This is going to be a difficult one as Chloe is becoming increasingly annoying when I clean and wanting to be in everything I’m doing. I’m going to have to use some pretty heavy duty cleaners on the bathroom so will need to do it when she is asleep.

The sink needs a good wipe over because I seem to have forgotten to wipe it most mornings. Plus Chloe loves to get up there and put all of the toothbrushes in her mouth and then in the sink. I also need to clear out the drawers and under the sink – Chloe is forever getting in the drawers and playing with whatever she finds. Luckily, we have a babyproofing that actually worked on the cupboard so she can’t get into there. However, I’ve been meaning to clear that out for ages.

This week’s cleaning plan:

Cleaning Checklist - The Bathroom - The Flying Drunken Monkey

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