This Week’s Cleaning Zone ★ The Dining Room

August 11, 2014 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

This Week's Cleaning Zone - The Dining Room - The Flying Drunken Monkey

I had pretty big expectations for cleaning last week’s zone. I wanted to at least get the CD cabinet cleared off and the toys tidied and organised. I did get those things done – including sorting out the toys and taking about 3/4 of them back up to Lily’s room. I also gave the floor a really good vacuum. But then, other than that I didn’t really get anythg else done.

But the room does feel a lot tidier and clearer so I feel happier in there. It’s also a lot easier for the girls to put the toys away and they are more likely to play with them now because it’s not so overwhelming.

I would’ve liked to have done more but I’m happy for the moment.


Back in the dining room this week and although we did a lot done last time we were in this zone there is still a lot to do.

I cleared the computer table off last time but it’s already full again. We didn’t get the filing done last time and I’d like to at least start on that this week. It’s something I can do in front of the TV – I just need to get organised and start it.

The bookshelf really needs a tidy – especially on top which has become a dumping ground. There’s also a lot of things in front of the bookshelf that needs to be put away – the pram that we have only really used three times since Chloe was born and could really go back out in the shed, some of Mr Monkey’s paperwork and the baby play mat and jumper which can also go out in the shed.


I’m actually really happy with how I did with the housework in general last week. It’s still nowhere near perfect but the lounge room, dining room and kitchen were generally tidy each night.

I seem to have really gotten into an evening routine – after dinner I wipe the table, vacuum under the table and normally the rest of the dining room as well, wash the dishes, wipe the benches and sweep the kitchen. Then as I’m walking back to the lounge room I do a quick tidy in the dining room and then the lounge room. It’s enough to keep everything under control and in a generally tidy state.

It goes to show how much of a difference this little routine can make, after I didn’t do it on Sunday. I then had to spend a few hours this morning washing dishes and tidying and vacuuming until I got the house back into a state I was fairly happy with.

It seems to be finally getting through to me that these are just things that are non-negotiable. They have to be done every night! (Yes it has taken me a long time to get that message through!!)

Cleaning Checklist - The Dining Room - The Flying Drunken Monkey

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