This Week’s Cleaning Zone ★ The Dining Room

December 3, 2014 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

This Week's Cleaning Zone - The Dining Room - The Flying Drunken Monkey

A little late again this week. But it’s here!

Last week I did pretty well with the zone (Entry and Lounge Room) at the start of the week. But I didn’t get much more done towards the end of the week. It just happens that way sometimes.

Yesterday Mr Monkey took the girls to go and buy our Christmas tree while I stayed home and tried to work through the housework. I had originally planned to just get through the mountain of dishes but ended up getting the dining room ready to put the tree in.

I folded the washing that had dried on the racks and sorted through the rest of the washing that was in a basket. I put it into piles on the stairs to take upstairs – one stair per person. We took them up and put them away today.

I tidied up the rest of the floor and moved Lily’s bike from one side of the table (where the tree would go) to the other. I then gave the floor a good vacuum, which it really needed.

The tree was brought in and decorated and looks great. The girls love it – Chloe especially loves taking all the baubles off and Lily dutifully puts them all back on. We turned the lights on last night and Chloe’s whole face lit up. She kept going back to look at the “dis dis tee” all evening.

Of course, the room is a complete mess again only a few days later but for a little while it looked great!

My big project in the Dining Room is to clear off the computer table. Again! It’s gotten completely overrun again and really needs to be sorted. It leaves the whole room looking messy and is seen from the front door so makes the whole house seem messy. Plus, I should really be using it for my study and I’ll need somewhere when I start bookkeeping work. And Mr Monkey has just been accepted to start a Masters of Professional Accounting via distance ed, starting next year. So he’ll need a place for his study stuff too.

Now, the issue is trying to do this with Chloe around! Lily will happily amuse herself in another room but Chloe needs to be with me All. The. Damn. Time. She also loves to pull apart anything that I do, including piles of paperwork that I’ve organised. So it will be a lot of fun sorting this out with her. I could do it while she naps but most of the time I have a nap too! It’s the only way I get through the whole evening routine.

Somehow lately we’ve really gotten behind with the dishes. I keep washing them but I never seem to find the bench! Plus, it’s stinking hot at the moment and I end up covered in sweat after washing two plates. So I put it off and then I’m tired by after dinner or I don’t have enough time between dinner and Lily’s bedtime to get them all done.

So my focus this week (what’s left of it) – finish the dishes and at least start to clear off the computer table.

This Week’s Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning Checklist - The Dining Room - The Flying Drunken Monkey

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  1. Holly says:

    Every little bit helps. I’ve got a whole house overhaul ahead of me… After I knock over uni & some hand made Christmas gift making. Oh boy.,, big job ;)
    Holly recently posted…Peppa Pig Party & the Big 2My Profile

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