This Week’s Cleaning Zone ★ The Entry Way & Lounge Room

August 4, 2014 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Cleaning Zone - The Entry Way & Lounge Room - The Flying Drunken Monkey

Last week was a pretty good week in terms of cleaning. On Wednesday I was able to devote the day to cleaning the Bedrooms.

I started in our room – changed the sheets on our bed then remade it, picked up the rubbish and dirty clothes off the floor, cleared off the bedside tables, dusted the furniture, put our cleaning washing and Chloe’s clean washing away, cleaned the balcony doors and windows and cleaned the mirror and the wardrobe doors. Lily had started helping me but got bored and went to watch TV. Chloe stayed to “help” but just ended up playing with everything.

I then moved into Chloe’s room and asked her to come and help me. She eventually did, as I was changing the sheets on her bed. But then she and Chloe decided to play under the sheets as I was trying to put them the bed. So not entirely helpful!

As I was putting her toys away and Chloe was pulling them back out, Lily did help to put a few away. I also cleared off the top of Lily’s drawers, put her clothes away and dusted all of the furniture.

So all in all, a pretty good attempt at the zone. I didn’t get under our bed tidied, the stuff on top of Chloe’s drawers or our wardrobe organised. I also still need to vacuum up there. But it took a good few hours to get all of that done and the rooms feel so much tidier and organised.

I also managed the keep on the top of the washing and the dishes. The only room I wasn’t happy with was the lounge room which never seemed to get tidy.


Luckily this week I’ll be working in that zone again. I feel like I just got it all cleaned out and organised but it’s turned into an absolute mess again, as it tends to do.

It’s actually mostly tidying that needs to be done – things have accumulated on top of the CD cabinet that needs to be cleared off. The toys need to be tidied up, and I’d like to move some of them back up to Lily’s room.

The tiles at the front door really need to be mopped and outside needs a good sweep as well. One job that scares me but really needs to be done is clearing out under the couch. I know that there is a LOT under there but I also don’t really know WHAT is under there. Also, the whole couch needs to be moved out and that’s a big job.

There’s also the bookshelf that could be tidied and the TV cabinet that needs to be dusted. I could also clear out the drawers under the TV cabinet as they have just accumulated stuff, that Chloe likes to pull out and pile on the ground.

But I’m aiming mostly just to get the main things done – clearing everything up and vacuuming the floor. Everything else is a bonus!

Cleaning Checklist - The Entry Way & Loungeroom - The Flying Drunken Monkey

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