This Week’s Cleaning Zone ★ The Kitchen

July 8, 2014 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

This Week's Cleaning Zone - the Kitchen - The Flying Drunken Monkey

Last week I was determined that I was going to actually achieve something in the zone – the Dining Room.

One day I cleared off the mantel that’s above our dining table (the table is pushed up against a fireplace that has been closed over). This was a dumping ground for things that were on the table that needed to be moved so we could eat, or things that needed to be put up out of the way. It didn’t take me long to clear off and put everything back in it’s place then give it a quick wipe over.

Lily’s scooter and skateboard had been sitting beside the dining table, just before the kitchen. When we have the clothes rack inside they are normally in front of this area so the whole area just looks messy. So I took out anything that didn’t belong in that area and tidied everything up. I also moved Lily’s bike back to there that had been left on the other side of the room.

I didn’t get much more done in there, beside just some general tidying. But I had planned to spend Sunday (Mr Monkey’s day off) clearing off the computer table.

Cleaning Zone - Dining Room - Computer Table - The Flying Drunken Monkey

As you can see from the photo above it really needed work. We had gotten rid of our PC desktop computer awhile ago because it stopped working. We didn’t replace it because we didn’t use it; we both have Mac laptops and no real need for a desktop. That may change when Lily starts school but we’ll see. We still use the printer as it’s connected to our wifi. There is also a wifi extender on there somewhere too but it doesn’t work very well.

The computer table had become a dumping ground. I haven’t done any filing in over a year and had just been dumping it all on there. There were a few of Lily’s board games and toys that had been moved off the dining table just before dinner and never put in the right spot. There were my folders of the units I have completed for my course. There was a box of stationery that had fallen on it’s side and never been picked up. The piles of paperwork had overflowed and fallen off the desk and had just been pushed under instead of being picked up.

All in all, it was a complete mess. And it was embarrassing. You can see this area from the front door and you have to walk past it to get anywhere in the house. It needed to be done.

Lily had spent the weekend at my parents’ place and Mum caught the train back with her on Sunday morning. I had planned to get up and go for a run before they got here but Mr Monkey didn’t get home until late the night before and I didn’t get to sleep until very late. So I didn’t actually get out of bed until they got here!

Mum distracted the girls and made sure we were fed as Mr Monkey and I started clearing. We went through the piles of paperwork, getting rid of anything we didn’t need and piling the rest up to be filed. We cleared out anything that didn’t belong and put it all away. It really doesn’t sound like much but it took us the better part of the day.

Cleaning Zone - Dining Room - Computer Table - The Flying Drunken Monkey

It’s already made a massive difference to the feel of the room, although there is still a lot to be done. All of that filing needs to be done, we need to decide how we’re going to get rid of the table and what we’re going to do in the space and then I need to attack the piles that have grown beside the table.

I didn’t get around to the piles next to the dining room or organising the bookshelf but I am happy that we achieved something!


This week is the kitchen. I’ve been pretty good at keeping on top of the dishes and wiping the benches lately but the kitchen needs a good deep clean.

I cleaned underneath the fruit and vegetable drawer in the fridge the other day as I put our delivery away as it was terrible! But I need to clean the rest of the fridge as well.

Everything needs a good wipe down and the floor really needs a good mop. Mopping is hard as I can only do it when the girls are asleep.

The stove top is fairly clean but could probably use a wipe and the oven… well I tend not to look in the oven too closely. So I should probably clean that!

Cleaning Checklist - The Kitchen - The Flying Drunken Monkey

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