Blogging for a year. It seems so much longer…

May 25, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey


I meant to post this a few months ago, when it had actually been a year of blogging on TFDM. Of course, I never got around to it. So, not much has really changed in a year’s worth of blogging! Heh.

The first photo I shared – the first time I shined my sink.

The first photo of our Living Room.

The first photo of our bookshelves.

The first photo of Lily’s drawers.

The first photo of the top of the fridge.

The first photo of the bedroom.

Lily, one year ago.

My first Weekly Plan.

The first photo of the bathroom.

My first meal plan and shopping list.

One of the first recipes I shared – Slow Cooker Curried Sausages. I still get hits on this almost every week.


It seems so strange to look back at my first posts and photos. It seems so long ago. Is it really only a year?! I dabbled in blogging before opening this site – I had a livejournal page back in high school where I just posted random…crap. I had a blog where I reviewed books I was reading (it’s still up – Random Ramblings of a Drunken Monkey if you want to read my old reviews). I then started up this blog (originally on a free wordpress site before moving to this self hosted one).

I decided to start this blog after reading another one by Maike which is sadly no longer available where she followed the Fly Lady BabySteps and posted as she completed each. It reminded me that I had once tried to do the BabySteps but didn’t complete them in the right order and ended up giving up. The housework was beginning to get on top of me. I felt like a failure as Stay At Home Mum every time I looked around and saw the mess that surrounded us. I felt lazy and disgusting. It was time to do something about it.

Maike’s blog was an inspiration and a kick up the butt to start. I opened this blog and I started the BabySteps. The blog was going to hold me accountable, I was going to finish the steps and I was going to keep going. This was a project to keep my mind active as a SAHM, something to keep me interested and motivated and I was going to get my house clean and tidy, goddammit!!

Did it work? Well, you tell me? Do you see much improvement in the past year of blogging?


Personally, I’d say yes I have. Looking back I can see that the house is tidier in general, is definitely much less cluttered and I feel much more accomplished than I did a year ago. Sure, I’m nowhere near where I want to be but I have definitely improved.

I am completing my Zone Work most weeks, I’ve set up my Decluttering Zones and am starting to clean out the clutter, I’ve found Meal Planning to be a real lifesaver and I am now actually interested in cooking and my Weekly Planner and Daily To-Do Lists have made me more organised than I have ever been.

I’ve already received a lot of great opportunities from this little blogging caper – I was sponsored by the amazing Coffee Alchemy to attend the Digital Parents Conference 2012 where I learnt how to fine tune my writing skills in a workshop with Valerie Khoo. I’ve attended a few blogging events – the launch of the Vick’s Breathe for Life Program, a Norton One Blogger’s Briefing and the first Nudiversity event with Mrs Woog and Eden from Edenland. I, of course, also attended the Kids Business Bloggers BBQ and was able to put together my current fantastic giveaway.

I’ve made a small amount of money (not enough to keep Mr Monkey happy of course) and received a few great products. I’ve enjoyed having such an involved project, although at times it has been hard to manage the “work/life balance” (I still suck at getting a Friday post up)  but I know that is mostly laziness. I feel like I’m still keeping my brain in “work mode” while not working and am learning skills that will surely be helpful if/when I return to work.

I’ve met some amazing people through this blog and I’m loving the community that we have here in Australia. There has been times of bitchiness or just general high school behaviour but I feel, in general, very lucky to be part of such a supportive and helpful community.

So where to from here??

My basic plan is to keep plugging away at what I’m doing. I’m not even halfway to where I want to be with the house – there is still so much decluttering to do and I definitely have work to do on keeping the house clean and tidy. I’ll continue with the different Zone work and will definitely keep up the meal planning.

I have a few giveaways and different PR opportunities coming up. I’ve said it before, but I’m sorry if you do not like giveaways and sponsored posts. I really enjoy them. They give me an opportunity to earn a little bit of money, share something great with my readers and I really enjoy the admin side to the organisation. I will only ever recommend products and services that I believe in and that are relevant to this blog and my interests. I will try at all times to be ethical.

So, now it’s over to you! What do you want to see on the Flying Drunken Monkey over the next year? Is there any parts that you really enjoy, or any parts that you don’t really want to read about?

Thank you all for an amazing year. I’m so excited to keep on blogging and seeing where it can take me.

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